15 Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

What better way to socialize with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors than in a well-set backyard BBQ area? In such a setting, people get to enjoy the outdoor view and feel and eat tasty meals to their satisfaction while socializing.

The design of the backyard BBQ area is something you should give serious thought. The reason is that it positively adds to the experience.

Whether you are just getting started setting up your backyard BBQ area or trying to transform what you have already, this is the right piece to be reading. We would reel out some amazing backyard BBQ area design ideas here that would come in handy. And mind you, it is possible to merge some of these design ideas.

Plants will Fit in


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Who says the backyard BBQ space should just be about the grill, sitting arrangements, and cooking utensils? It could be more especially in a stylish way and this is why we advise the use of plants.

It is even an incentive that the space is outdoors. This is because you would not be restricted to using home plants alone. You can go for those regular outdoor ornamental plants as well.

How about some roses, lilies, and the likes? Just make sure ornamental plants make this outdoor space look and feel more beautiful.

Stylish Arrangement of Shelves


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Many people are very concerned about getting the right grill in the quest to have their backyard grill or BBQ area. This is important but there are other things you should pay attention to as well. One of them is shelving.

Proper use and arrangement of shelves will ensure that your tools are well arranged. Furthermore, using shelves stylishly would go a long way in beautifying the space. This is why you should invest in the right – floating, corner, pull-out, fixed, and adjustable shelves.

Stylish Use of Tiles


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You can have some sections of the outdoor BBQ area walled with tiles. However, seeing that there are various tile types and designs to consider, make sure you use something that ticks all the right boxes.

Speaking of the right tile to use for some sections of the walls, you should consider maintenance, light reflection, and a few other things. If the right tile is used and used properly, you would fall in love with your backyard BBQ space.

Make Use of Artificial Grass


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This is a design tip that comes in handy for those with a backyard landscape that is not lovely. For example, you might be opposed to the idea of your BBQ space being in a sandy backyard. Kids can play rough; making the place dusty and this is not what you would want.

The use of artificial grass would make the place look more BBQ-friendly. Even those with a well-looking landscape can make the most of this tip.

Use Outdoor-Friendly Shades


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The outdoor look and feel are one of the things that define a good backyard BBQ area. But that does not stop you from creatively using shades. This is for aesthetic appeal. So, make sure the shade(s) used are every bit stylish and complementary.

Other than how the proper use of shades can beautify the BBQ area, it also serves some functional purposes. With it, people that use this space would get the sometimes needed covering from the sun and other elements.

Also, it helps to keep this space intact all through the year. This means that your furniture and other items out there would serve you for a long time. Furthermore, you could even host people during cold seasons.

Use a Weather-Proof Kitchen Island


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A kitchen island is not only a necessity in your in-house kitchen. Its services are also needed in your backyard BBQ area. You would be able to prepare the food items to be grilled and do other culinary duties there.

Other than it serving a functional essence, it can also beautify the area. This is as long as you make use of the right one. But mind you. The ability to deal with the elements all year round is one of the things that qualify the right kitchen island.

Make a Clear Distinction between the Grill and Dining Section


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For one, this would help prevent people from clustering in the area where the grill is stationed. Also, it would ensure that people stay in the backyard BBQ area. This is especially important for people who do not want guests going inside the house unnecessarily.

You just have to arrange your grill and dining sections at two opposite ends. The dining section is most likely to take up more space.

Use Tiles for the Entire Backyard BBQ Area


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We are talking about the floor here. Even if stationed right in your home’s garden, it is not out of place to design your BBQ area this way. You might want to try out white or any bright shade for your floor tiles. They add a lot of beauty especially when parties and get-togethers happen in the evening.

An Entire Area that Is Sunk In


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To properly and stylishly demarcate your backyard BBQ area from other parts of the backyard, the entire area can be sunk in. This simply means that the BBQ space will be lower than other parts of the backyard.

You should go on further to use tiles, any durable and weather-proof hardwood floor, or artificial grass for the floor. Any of these would make the place look good.

An Entire Elevated Area


In contrast to the tip shared above, you can have the entire backyard BBQ area on an elevated platform. The advice to consider using tile, any weather-proof and durable hardwood floor, or artificial grass still stands.

Mini Grills would Work for Small Spaces


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Every one of the tips shared above seems to bother around backyard BBQ areas for ample spaces. Well, those that do not have the luxury of large spaces can still have a backyard BBQ area. They would only have to be mindful of the number of guests that share this space with them.

A backyard BBQ area for small spaces can work by using mini grills. There are compact grill products that can be attached to a railing. You can make the most of such products if you have a small space.

Lanterns Are Creative Lighting Options


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People who want a good-looking BBQ area also need to focus on lighting. This is one of the areas where people fall short of what is required. The idea should not be only to light up the space but do so stylishly. One of the ways to go about this is to make good use of lanterns.

There are even lanterns that allow you to use candles. This is as they shield candlelights from strong winds that can put them off. There are also electric lanterns that look stylish and would improve the look of the backyard BBQ area. You can use either or both.

Brown Bricks Look Great

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Introducing some old styled look can make your BBQ area look great. This is why you may want to consider brown bricks especially around the area where the Grill will be stationed.

Make Room for a TV Space

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This would work especially if you have a shaded backyard BBQ area. The TV does not have to be permanently stationed in space. You can use it only when it is needed.

Provide Shade for the Grill Area Alone

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The ideal backyard BBQ area is supposed to have dining as well as a grill area. It makes a lot of sense to separate these areas and providing shade for the grill area is one way to do this. Just a little shade will do.


You stand a lot to gain from having a backyard BBQ area in your house. But if you must have one, you should do all it takes to make the space look and feel the best it can be. It is, for this reason, we have shared some design tips for backyard BBQ areas and hope you make the most of them.


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