30 Amazing Granite Steps Design Ideas

Using granite for steps adds beauty and elegance to the house. It is not just elegance that makes granite stand out, but also the fact that it is strong and can withstand high temperatures.

Also, the way the material looks and feels is worth the high prices. Granite is an excellent material for stairs because it looks great, especially near the front door.

If you have been searching for granite step designs, here are some stunning and unique ideas you’ll love.

30 Amazing Granite Steps Design Ideas

1. Alaska Gold Granite Steps

Alaska Gold Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Alaska Gold Granite is a beautiful mix of warm and cool gold colors that make the house look elegant and natural. Alaska Gold Granite can be used to decorate interior walls, steps, kitchens, bathrooms, pools, fountains, and other places.

2. Ocean Blue Granite Steps

Ocean Blue Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Ocean blue granite is well-known for its bright color, strength, unique finish, and shine. It doesn’t get dirty quickly and doesn’t slide around. They are perfect for floors, bathrooms, walls, kitchens, and even stairs.

3. Himalayan Blue Granite Steps

Himalayan Blue Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Himalayan blue is a stone with a stunning surface. Installing this stone in your business or home will give it a luxurious and attractive look. It can be used indoors for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, stairs, and other building designs.

4. Vizag Blue Granite Steps

Vizag Blue Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Vizag Blue is a type of granite with many shades of blue that give it a beautiful, crystalline look. Because of its high resistance, this stone is ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.

5. Matrix Black Granite Steps

Matrix Black Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Matrix granite has a beautiful gray background and a shiny, mirror-like finish. Because of its elegant neutral colors, it is easy to use in a wide range of decorating styles. This stone looks like metal and is simultaneously calm, modern, classic, and stunning.

6. Ocean Black Granite Steps

Ocean Black Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Ocean Black granite is a type of black granite found primarily in Brazil. This stone has a solid deep black color and is especially good for exterior and interior walls and floors, fountains, pool tables, stairs, windows, and other design projects.

7. Moon White Granite Steps

Moon White Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Moon White Granite is a white-grey granulite with dark wine-colored garnets that are stylish and relatively cheap. It is a nice-looking material with a milky base color and a red dot pattern. Because of these qualities, Moon White Granite can be used indoors and outdoors.

8. Absolute Black Granite Steps

Absolute Black Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Absolute black granite is the best type of granite because it is naturally shiny, has a deep black color and is strong. It can be used for beautiful granite worktops, floors, stair cases, and others.

9. Black Marquina Granite Steps

Black Marquina Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

For residential and commercial purposes, Black Marquina Granite is a top choice. The foundation is a simple black hue, and it is covered in irregular white or gray designs. Black Marquina granite is famous for its ability to keep its shine for a long time.

10. Caledonia Granite Steps

Caledonia Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

This gray granite is among the most desirable and widely used gray stones. Intricate tones of gray and white range from light grey to black or charcoal. This gray granite stone is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

11. Red Granite Steps Design

Red Granite Steps Design

Source: Pinterest

This kind of granite stone is dark maroon. It has white, black, and grey parts and a deep red background. Most people use this color choice a lot.

12. Pink Granite Steps

Pink Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Pink granite gives the best look when used on stairs inside or outside your home. It provides a soft look, like the calming shade of flora. Small pieces of black granite are also used to separate the steps.

13. Green Granite Steps

Green Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Green granite stone is an excellent option when considering how simple it is to maintain and how flexible it is. Some staircases are also crafted from this same stone. Nothing is too wild to think of when it comes to ideas for granite stairs.

14. Dark Grey Granite Steps

Dark Grey Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Dark grey granite stone is another fantastic alternative for a unique step design. It’s a nice compromise between the lighter shades of black and grey. The beauty of these stone steps are well admired.

15. Grey Granite Steps

Grey Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

This granite slab has small black and white stones mixed in on a gray background. Because of this, the overall look is gray. This color texture is often used in commercial settings because it is easy to clean and looks like it belongs in an office or shop.

16. Pure Black Granite Steps

Pure Black Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to granite stones, pure black granite is unrivaled. It has a polished marble appearance and is exceedingly simple to clean and maintain. When you have black stairs in your home, it will be one of the focal points of your living space.

17. Arctic Grey Granite Steps

Arctic Grey Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Arctic grey is known to have its fans. So, we can’t miss out on this design when discussing granite steps. This granite will give your home’s inside and outside one of the best looks.

18. Black and White Granite Steps

Black and White Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

A beautiful staircase is made from black and white granite. This granite will give your staircase a classic look that will stand out regardless of the style of your home. The way the colours go together makes it perfect for a simple, modern home.

19. Solid White Granite Steps

Solid White Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

This type of granite step makes the house look elegant and expensive and works well in small places. With its white polished surfaces, the house looks fantastic.

20. Gold Granite Steps

Gold Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

When someone comes to your house, one of the first things they will notice is the steps. Steps made of natural stone will make your front door look more excellent. Gold granite steps are a simple way to give your home a unique look.

21. Silver Grey Granite Steps

Silver Grey Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

The top of the silver-gray granite steps has a sawn and flame-textured surface. Silver-gray granite looks like it has spots and is mostly the same color all over. Silver-gray granite steps are durable and work well in modern and contemporary styles.

22. Callisto Granite Steps

Callisto Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Callisto Granite is a silver stone with grey flecks that you can use for many different things. No matter how big or small the project is, Callisto Granite can be used on its own or mixed with other colors.

23. Tan Brown Granite Steps

Tan Brown Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Tan Brown Granite has a brown background with black and reddish undertones. This stone is great for walls, fountains, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, pools, wall coping, and other interior and exterior building projects.

24. Black Galaxy Granite Steps

Black Galaxy Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

The granite known as Black Galaxy is primarily black with occasional white or gold sparkles. Among the many decorative uses for this stone are walls, floor applications, fountains, pools, and other building designs.

25. Alaska White Granite Steps

Alaska White Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Alaska white granite is a natural stone with silvery undertones and icy patterns. Its natural tone exudes an airy, modern vibe. The material’s beauty and durability make it ideal for staircases, floors, pools, kitchens, walls, and other building designs.

26. Flash Black Granite Steps

Flash Black Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Flash Black Granite is a type of black granite with black and grey patches. This stone is perfect for exterior and interior designs like walls, floors, fountains, pools, stairs, and other design projects.

27. Black River Black Granite Steps

Black River Black Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Black River Black Granite is named for its resemblance to the color of nightfall on the banks of a river and is patterned with white. This granite is an excellent material for the home’s floors and walls because of its durability and beauty.

28. Multi-color Granite Steps

Multi-color Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Building a new house or remodeling the one you have can be an excellent way to show off your creativity. Using multi-color granite makes your steps unique and eye-catching.

29. Magma Gold Granite Steps

Magma Gold Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Magma Gold granite is a high-quality black granite with moving gold patterns that make the colors stand out beautifully. It looks excellent on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, stairs cases, floors, and other building designs.

30. Black Pearl Granite Steps

Black Pearl Granite Steps

Source: Pinterest

Black Pearl Granite is primarily black but has flecks of black, gold, silver, brown, and some shades of gray. This granite is polished and textured exquisitely. It’s great for designing both inside and outside.


Granite is a great way to cover a staircase if you want something different, and its durability adds class to your home. Granites are worth the price due to their beauty and durability. With granite, you don’t have to look very hard to find the perfect way to decorate your home in terms of pattern and style.

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