30 Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Here you can find some wonderful examples of accent walls for your bedroom. Bedroom accent walls are a great way to update your space and create a relaxing atmosphere. The visual appeal of a room may be dramatically improved by drawing attention to one wall with a bold splash of color, texture, or pattern.

We’ve included 30 unique ways to decorate your accent wall that work with a wide range of aesthetic preferences and color palettes in this article. Whether you’re going for a rustic, bohemian, modern, or traditional vibe, we have the right combination of materials to meet your needs, from classic brick and wood paneling to modern geometric patterns and murals.

Come with us as we investigate a wealth of options for accent walls that can enliven your bedroom furnishings and provide you a platform for self-expression. Learn how an artfully crafted accent wall may help you create a bedroom that is a true expression of who you are. Let’s dig in and explore the many accent wall ideas for bedroom that may completely transform your sleeping quarters.


Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

Image Source: Decoist

The geometric pattern accent wall is a great way to give your home a fresh and contemporary look. This design decision provides depth and visual intrigue to the room with its sharp lines and complex curves. Select from a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns to design a one-of-a-kind showpiece for your bedroom.


Additional tips for you:

  • Mixing natural elements with contemporary touches may do wonders for a bedroom. This silver geometric line decoration on a hardwood wall creates a sophisticated and eye-catching focal point that combines traditional and modern elements.
  • Make your bedroom a refuge of elegance and sophistication. This bed, with its sleek silhouette and neutral color scheme of black, white, and gray, emanates a contemporary style.
  • Elevate your nightstand from plain to dazzling in an instant. These metal nightstands are a chic and high-end addition to any contemporary bedroom.
  • Make the area under your feet seem warm and welcoming. This black wool carpet is a great way to add texture and warmth to your bedroom without completely remodeling it.
  • Upgrade your lighting to something more modern. This black and gold geometric contemporary night light is a stylish and tasteful addition to any bedroom.
  • Add some class to your bedroom with a luxurious light. This contemporary lamp in brass and gold is an elegant way to illuminate your home.
  • Enhance the room’s aesthetics and practicality. These white ceramic teapots and bowls are lovely accent pieces that can help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
  • Modulate ambient light the easy way in the present day. You can improve the aesthetic of your bedroom while still getting some much-needed seclusion with these horizontal blinds.


  • Wallpaper with Floral Design

Wallpaper with Floral Design

Image Source: Home Design Lover

Create a botanical oasis in your bedroom by wallpapering one wall in a floral pattern. With this lovely option, you may enjoy the serenity and romance of nature without having to leave the house. Choose from a variety of flower designs and hues to add a touch of class to any room.


Additional tips for you:

  • Bring some vintage allure into your own sanctuary by installing some of these lights. This French antique lamp exudes class and refinement while also adding a nostalgic air to the room.
  • Bring back the past while keeping up with the times. This soft green bedside table is made of wood and is sleek and modern, making it a great addition to a room with a vintage aesthetic.
  • Decorate your home with elements of nature. A bouquet of tulips in a clear, antique vase is an instant refresher and a touch of elegance for your bedroom.
  • Make it seem like you’re in a peaceful dream. A touch of romance and elegance will be added to your bedroom with this gentle blue wallpaper embellished with pink blossoms.
  • Take solace in familiarity and ease. A few white pillows and a soft blanket can transform any bedroom into a warm and restful retreat.
  • Embrace a shabby-chic take on antique style. The weathered white paint on this antique bedframe exudes character and charm, turning your bedroom into a charming and nostalgic haven.
  • Enjoy some refined simplicity. Sheets in shades of beige and white provide a soothing, refined backdrop for a good night’s sleep.
  • Substitute some natural beauty for the flooring. This beige jute rug adds texture and warmth to your bedroom, which is decorated in a retro style.


  • Brick Accent Wall

Brick Accent Wall

Image Source: The Spruce

Your bedroom now has a timeless quality thanks to the brick accent wall. It’s quite homey and welcoming thanks to the exposed brick and warm colors. This accent wall will be the focal point of any room and will look great with both contemporary and classic furnishings.


Additional tips for you:

  • Bring some rustic warmth and character into your bedroom. The brick wall in warm tones of brown and orange lends personality and visual interest.
  • Adopt a stylish and understated color palette. The gray and white bedding provide a quiet and sophisticated atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Bring together good looks and practicality. The pinewood headboard with shelves above it not only looks great in your bedroom, but also serves as an additional storage space.
  • Add some class to your floor with a classic design. The herringbone wood floor pattern is sophisticated and eye-catching, elevating the room’s overall look.
  • Make the area underfoot soft and inviting. Your bedroom will feel more like home with the addition of the plush, warm gray cotton carpet.
  • Put in a storage system that serves a purpose and looks great. The little wooden cabinet has both a charming rustic appearance and useful storage space, making it ideal for use in a bedroom.
  • Make a space dedicated to reading or getting ready. The wooden chair makes for a warm and welcoming addition, offering a relaxing place to kick back and take it easy.
  • Accent your home with significant pieces. Decorating your bedroom with portraits, flowers, and books is a great way to give it a unique feel and show off your creative side.
  • Bring in plenty of light and open space. A bedroom with white walls and ceiling provide a crisp, clear canvas against which to display your own style.
  • Put a creative and contemporary spin on it. You may add a touch of class and style to your bedroom with the help of black-and-white pictures and wall decorations that create a stunning contrast and a modern atmosphere.
  • The bedroom needs a showpiece light fixture. The dramatic and elegant black and white spherical chandelier can serve as a showpiece in any room.


  • Mirrored Accent Wall

Mirrored Accent Wall

Image Source: Roomdsign.com

The addition of a mirrored accent wall to your bedroom will instantly elevate the space. Because of the way light and space are reflected, the room seems bigger than it really is. This refined option enriches the setting by providing a modern and chic focal point that takes the opulence of your bedroom to the next level.


Additional tips for you:

  • Make an effort to seem put together and chic. The bedroom’s beige matte walls are both stylish and contemporary, adding a hint of warmth and texture.
  • Bring a touch of class to your lighting setup. Your bedroom will have a more modern look and feel with the addition of these white downlight sconces.
  • The best use of space and taste. The white bedside table that floats above the ground is a modern and unobtrusive addition to your bedroom’s decor.
  • Adopt a soothing, neutral color scheme. Your bedroom will seem more relaxing and welcoming with gray and white cushions.
  • Relax in the utmost luxury. A comfortable bed with a thick mattress and a warm blanket is the perfect place to get some shut-eye.
  • Put some thought into your home’s decor. Your bedroom should be a representation of your own personality and taste; a cup, a polaroid, and a little plant are all simple ways to do this.
  • Upgrade the look of your bedroom with a stylish addition. Elegant and aesthetically attractive, the gray mirrored panels on the beige wall elevate the overall atmosphere of your bedroom.


  • Fairy Lights Accent Wall

Fairy Lights Accent Wall

Image Source: Pinterest

With the help of a Fairy Lights Accent Wall, any bedroom may be transformed into a mystical haven. These lights make the room seem warm and romantic while also adding a dreamlike quality. The gentle light creates a cozy, whimsical atmosphere, ideal for unwinding and adding a touch of magic to any setting.


Additional tips for you:

  • Add a touch of enchantment to your home! A warm and enchanted glow turns any space into a fantastical retreat when fairy lights are hung softly over a calming beige wall.
  • A collection of cherished recollections! Pictures taken with a Polaroid camera are displayed tastefully on a wall. Each photo has a tale to tell and will make your home more unique.
  • Relax in the lap of luxury. Relax in the comfort of a velvety, black silky headboard that screams refinement and luxury. A place where one may unwind and get some good sleep.
  • Relax and look good doing it! White, tufted linens and pillows provide a sense of class and relaxation to the bedroom. This luxurious bedding will provide a new level of comfort to your evenings in bed.
  • The eternal attraction of classic design! A white, well-loved chair from another era that has aged elegantly and can be used to elevate any decor. Allow yourself to feel the warmth of memory.


  • Striped Accent Wall

Striped Accent Wall

Image Source: Pinterest

A striped accent wall is a classic and adaptable option for a bedroom. Stripes, whether wide or narrow, vertical or horizontal, can make any room seem more dynamic. This timeless design elevates the look of your bedroom, helping to create a welcoming space that works with a wide range of aesthetic preferences.


Additional tips for you:

  • Accept your inner swagger! Black and white striped walls make a striking visual statement and provide a sense of modern sophistication to any room.
  • Charm and adaptability, please! A very functional piece of furniture: a beige tufted bench. It may be used as a seat or as a stylish addition to bring any environment to the next level.
  • Dream amid the opulence of yesteryear. Modernize your haven of rest with crisp white bedsheets decorated with elegant black line motifs.
  • Miniature opulence for your decor! A little cushion with gold embroidery; perfect for sprinkling a little glitz into your bedtime routine or decorating a special space.
  • Accept the warm embrace of ease. A fluffy, white, soft headboard that serves as a stylish focal point for your bedroom and a place to rest at the end of the day.
  • Make it seem light and airy! In addition to making your furnishings and accessories stand out brilliantly, white walls and ceilings provide the optical illusion of more space.
  • Bring some modern style to your lighting! A white lamp with a contemporary circular brass base, fusing form and function to illuminate your environment in flair.
  • Sleek, practical beauty! A white glossy nightstand with a smooth surface, perfect for displaying your basics in a simple and stylish way.


  • Chalkboard Paint Accent Wall

Chalkboard Paint Accent Wall

Image Source: Decoist

Put up a chalkboard wall in your bedroom and let your imagination run wild. You can draw, write, and put your own stamp on anything with this entertaining and practical option. It’s a great way to personalize your space while also expressing yourself creatively via anything from uplifting messages to doodling.


Additional tips for you:

  • Let your imagination and common sense go wild! A black blackboard wall can be used for many different purposes and is a great way to give your room personality and practicality.
  • Bring your walls to life with color! Create a relaxing and inspirational space with the help of some blackboard wall writing and some own artwork.
  • Put your faith in understated charm! Black thin curtains provide a touch of class to any room by filtering light and creating a dramatic but cozy ambiance.
  • An enticing dash of the outdoors! The beauty of nature is brought within in a little transparent vase with an assortment of colorful flowers.
  • Rest easy in the lap of luxury! Your bedroom will be both soothing and fashionable with the addition of crisp white bedsheets with a classy black border pattern.
  • There’s something enduringly alluring about black and white. The simple sophistication of your bed will be enhanced by the addition of black and white pillows with timeless patterns and hues.
  • Sparks of elation! A gray cushion with bright red detailing adds an exciting pop of color and visual interest to the room.
  • Splendorously illuminate! Your workstation will feel more elegant and sophisticated with the addition of a brass golden downlight desk lamp.
  • Subtle and tasteful light! A white lampshade for your desk lamp will spread the light softly, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to work or study.
  • Classic usefulness! Your bedroom will feel more at home with the addition of a classic wooden bedside table that serves a functional purpose while also enhancing the room’s aesthetic with its timeless beauty.
  • Allow light from outside to illuminate the room. A white glass window lets in natural light, which bounces about the space and gives it a pleasant glow.


  • Nature-Related Mural Accent Wall

Nature-Related Mural Accent Wall

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Have a Nature-Related Mural Accent Wall installed in your bedroom to help you relax and feel at one with the natural world. This alluring option brings the beauty of nature within, whether it be lush woodlands or a calm ocean scene. Your bedroom will be transformed into a refreshing haven thanks to the mural’s calming effects.


Additional tips for you:

  • Enjoy your inherent allure! A classic wooden bed frame will last for decades and adds a touch of rustic charm to your bedroom.
  • Superb quality and utmost luxury! You may upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom with a leather knitted headboard.
  • Forest-themed floor coverings! Green shiplap wood flooring emit a relaxing aura, making your area seem more at one with nature while providing a quiet base for your furnishings.
  • What a dream for tired feet! A beige-yellow polypropylene rug will provide warmth and charm to your area, while also adding a splash of color.
  • Dream in a new palette! Bedding with shades of white, yellow, and green brings the outside in and creates an atmosphere of peace and vitality.
  • Comfortable and rustic in design! The outdoors may be brought inside with the help of a white blanket printed with green plant motifs, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.
  • The simplicity of nature! Wooden sitting without a backrest is basic and adaptable, and it adds a natural touch to your room’s furniture arrangement.
  • The colors are quite cheerful! Pillows in soothing tones of blue, gray, and yellow provide the perfect finishing touch to the bedding.
  • Stunning simplicity! A freestanding wooden bedside table with woven drawers blends form and function, providing attractive storage while also boosting the room’s overall look.
  • Be chic as you organize! Woven baskets are a lovely way to organize your stuff while also bringing a touch of nature to your interior design.
  • Appealing ceramics! Green plants in a pastel blue ceramic vase provide creative flair and a burst of color to your home’s decor.
  • Elegant and with a personal touch! Create a gallery-like display out of your photos and a little clear vase to honor your loved ones and spruce up your home.


  • Faux Stone Accent Wall

Faux Stone Accent Wall

Image Source: GenStone

Add a faux stone accent wall to your bedroom for a luxurious feel. This opulent option gives your room a hint of country chic and textural variety. The stone-like finish will provide the illusion of depth and warmth to your bedroom, while also lending a touch of natural beauty to the space.


Additional tips for you:

  • Adopt a laid-back attitude! The earthy tones and friendly sentiments of a fake brown accent wall may be brought into any room.
  • Style updated for the present day! A tufted black headboard will add a touch of class to your bedroom and may be used with a wide variety of design schemes.
  • Calm and eternal. Sheets in shades of beige and brown form a soothing and neutral color scheme, perfect for a good night’s sleep.
  • Charmingly exotic! Bedding and throw pillows with a palm tree print will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical oasis.
  • The harmony of nature! The natural tones of the beige and green pillows complement the bedding well.
  • Traditional usefulness! A white nightstand provides a classic look while providing a tidy place to set down your things.
  • Constant enlightenment! A classic ceiling light with a rounded design will illuminate your room in a soft, comforting light, adding a touch of elegance and warmth.


  • Textured Accent Wall with 3D Tiles

Textured Accent Wall with 3D Tiles

Image Source: Design Cafe

Adding a textured accent wall in your bedroom with three-dimensional tiles can make your space seem more modern and relaxing. This cutting-edge option gives your room new dimensions and serves as a show-stopping focal point. The bedroom will be transformed into an outstanding and refined space with the addition of tactile surfaces.


Additional tips for you:

  • Dimensional modern art! Walls covered with brightly colored pentagon 3D tiles give the room a modern look and feel while also providing depth and interest.
  • Superbly classy assistance! A bed with a metal frame is the epitome of contemporary style and refinement.
  • Splendid ease and relaxation! Your bedroom will be transformed into a haven of luxury and relaxation thanks to the addition of dark plum bedsheets.
  • Softness & coziness! A dark gray quilt blanket adds coziness and style to your bedroom decor while keeping you warm and snug.
  • Unwind on a fluffy couch! The bed is framed by a plush dark brown headboard that screams “relax” to you as you lay there.
  • The ground under your feet is very gentle. Your floor will look and feel more modern and inviting with the addition of a cotton dark gray rug with a white line pattern.
  • Simple sophistication! Your decorative pieces will look exquisite in a white wall cabinet with a glass panel.
  • Discreet allure! Walls and ceilings that have been painted a dirty white give off an air of casual, lived-in character.
  • Beautiful draperies! Drapes in a geometric pattern of light gray and white are a contemporary and beautiful choice for filtering light and completing a room’s design.


  • Ombre Painted Accent Wall

Ombre Painted Accent Wall

Image Source: HGTV

With an Ombre Painted Accent Wall, you can give your bedroom a sophisticated and creative vibe. This little shift in coloration provides dimension and aesthetic appeal. The ombre effect, in which one color gradually fades into another, creates a soothing and on-trend setting that will take your bedroom’s design to the next level.


Additional tips for you:

  • Send out your vibes in a rainbow of hues. Walls painted in an ombre style, which combines orange and white, provide a welcoming and eye-catching atmosphere.
  • Charmingly blossom! Floral pillows are a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your home, whether you’re looking to spruce up your couch or bed.
  • Creative and vogue! Accenting the painted wall with cushions in an ombre pattern creates a harmonious and modern aesthetic.
  • Flexibility in ease! Gray throw pillows, both solid and plaid, provide a pleasant contrast in pattern and texture, making for a more inviting sitting arrangement.
  • Calm and peaceful sleep! White and gray cotton sheets and a blanket provide for a relaxing night’s sleep that exudes quiet sophistication.
  • Elegant subtlety! Gray porcelain planters and vases are an elegant way to show off your houseplants and flowers.
  • Classical elegance! A black porcelain lamp base with a marbled pattern adds an air of sophistication to any room.
  • Get your day off to a chic start. You can wake up on time with a touch of class thanks to the addition of a gray alarm clock to your nightstand.
  • Take in the light! A spectacular focal point with a hint of heavenly allure, a golden brass wall pattern that resembles the sun’s rays radiates warmth and radiance.
  • Grace fit for the heavens! Add some heavenly charm to your home with glittering silver brass wall artwork in the shape of a sun.


  • Stenciled Accent Wall

Stenciled Accent Wall

Image Source: Royal Design Studio Stencils

Make your bedroom seem brand new by stenciling an accent wall. This low-cost alternative adds elaborate patterns and motifs to the mix, making the centerpiece all the more eye-catching. You may make your bedroom a reflection of your individuality and taste by using stencils to decorate the walls.


Additional tips for you:

  • Stenciled in a relaxing blue-green tint, this accent wall will bring a bit of creative flare and a touch of nature into your home.
  • This antique flower bedsheet is a lovely combination of gray and blue-green tones, making it the perfect backdrop for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Inject character and warmth into your living spaces with the help of a lovely assortment of antique flower and classic pattern pillows.
  • These trendy silver-blue pillows are the perfect way to inject some color and understated elegance into any sitting or bedding outfit.
  • This side table has a stainless steel frame with mirrored panels for a contemporary look and plenty of storage space to help you feel more at home in your bedroom.
  • This white lamp will add a touch of contemporary style to your home thanks to its narrow and sleek base design, which will go well with any modern furnishings.
  • A beautifully placed smart TV provides effortless access to a world of digital material and cutting-edge functions, making it the pinnacle of entertainment and space-saving ease.
  • Add a touch of grandeur and a reflection of sophisticated taste and elegance to your bedroom with a stainless mirrored headboard as the center point.


  • Herringbone Pattern Accent Wall

Herringbone Pattern Accent Wall

Image Source: Making Home Base

Create a focal point in your bedroom with a classic herringbone accent wall. This timeless aesthetic decision yields an elegant and eye-catching setting. Your bedroom will be an oasis of elegance and sophistication with the addition of this interlocking V-shaped design.


Additional tips for you:

  • Put up a beautiful wooden herringbone wall in your living room to give it a timeless look and a touch of rustic elegance.
  • Use white on the ceiling and walls that are a similar color to create a feeling of openness and brightness, as well as a blank slate for your decorating ideas.
  • A soft beige carpet will make your floors seem cozy and inviting while also complementing a wide range of design schemes.
  • A dark gray cotton rug will provide a chic contrast to your flooring while also adding an air of elegance to your living spaces, making them more modern.
  • Modern simplicity and relaxation can be found on a white couch, which also serves as a stunning focal point for your sitting arrangement and complements your choice of accent colors well.
  • Place a few white plaid pillows on your couch or bed to add a touch of pattern and texture while still keeping the space looking clean and fresh.
  • Green linens and decorative pillows with a tufted pattern will bring the relaxing spirit of nature into your bedroom.
  • Put together elegance and practicality for a classic lighting solution with a white lampshade on a marble pattern base.
  • The glossy black surface of a standalone nightstand is a nod to contemporary style while also providing a dramatic contrast to the rest of the room’s furnishings.
  • Indoor plants breathe new life into your personal space while also contributing to a more wholesome environment in your bedroom.
  • Use beige sheer curtains to frame your windows, as they let in gentle light and add a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Sliding glass windows with white frames are a staple of modern architecture, allowing for an abundance of natural light and an unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • A brown rattan bench will bring a bit of boho charm and more seating to your room while complementing the organic feel of the rest of your decor.


  • Polka Dot Accent Wall

Polka Dot Accent Wall
























Image Source: Homedit

Establish a whimsical atmosphere in your bedroom with a polka-dot accent wall. This fanciful selection will brighten up any room. Your bedroom may be transformed into a happy and pleasant sanctuary with the help of polka dots, whether you want to use bold colors or more muted tones.


Additional tips for you:

  • Indulge your feet in the plush comfort of a white wool carpet, which will add style and sophistication to any room.
  • Brown carpeting is a great way to give your floors a nice, welcoming base for your interior design.
  • Feel at peace with white and blue-green bedsheets, which combine minimalism with colors found in nature to create a restful and invigorating retreat in your own bedroom.
  • Throw cushions in a rainbow of hues are a great way to show off your individuality while also making your home more inviting.
  • Throw pillows with cartoonish animal patterns are a great way to infuse a room with a sense of playfulness and imagination.
  • Add a dash of glitz and fun to any area by applying these wall decals in a pattern of gold polka dots.
  • Decorate your walls with colorful and significant artwork to show off your creative flair and to provide inspiration and dimension to your living area.
  • A white, standalone bedside table will provide space-saving practicality and a contemporary aesthetic to your bedroom.
  • Mini lampshade toys and decorations are a great way to inject some imagination and whimsy into your interior design.
  • Invest in a brass metal golden bed frame to add a touch of grandeur to your bedroom and make it the main point of your space.
  • A black and white bench with a hidden compartment is both a stylish seat and a practical place to stow your things.
  • A toy organizer basket is an easy way to maintain order and make your home more welcoming for young children.


  • Corkboard Accent Wall


Corkboard Accent Wall

Image Source: Houzz

An accent wall of marbled tiles is a luxurious upgrade for any bedroom. This opulent option adds style and texture to your home. Your bedroom will be transformed into an exquisite and timeless retreat thanks to the marbled tiles’ rich patterns and natural beauty.


Additional tips for you:

  • A glossy white and mint green bedside table will add a contemporary touch to your bedroom while providing more surface space for reading materials, lamps, and other nightstand necessities.
  • Rejuvenate your walls with a line pattern wallpaper that has a vibrant color palette; it will bring a touch of playfulness and creativity to your décor.
  • A corkboard wall may help you stay organized and creative, and it can also serve as a fun area to display small photos, posters, and other mementos that are meaningful to you.
  • utilization open shelves decorated with homemade lamp art to add character to your home via the utilization of storage space, creative outlet, and original lighting.
  • Create a touching and eye-catching arrangement on the corkboard by pinning photos, miniature posters, and other mementos in honor of special people, places, and things.
  • Your bedroom will be transformed into a tranquil oasis with the addition of a wonderful mix of blue, green, and white bedsheets.
  • Put a cute plush monkey on your bed to inject some whimsy and humor into your sleeping quarters.
  • A blue plaid cushion, emanating timeless allure and a dash of pattern, is the perfect accessory for any sofa, bed, or chair.
  • A navy blue cushion will provide depth and contrast to your living room, while also adding a touch of class.
  • A sleek gray bed frame is the epitome of modern elegance, providing a sophisticated base for your mattress while also complementing a wide range of design schemes.
  • Add a jolt of energy and style to your bedroom storage with a mint green closet to help you keep your things in order.
  • Fill your bookcases with interesting objects that reflect your interests and hobbies to make the room seem more like a reflection of who you are.


  • Plaid Accent Wall

Plaid Accent Wall

Image Source: DecorPad

You may make your bedroom seem more inviting with a plaid accent wall. This timeless design makes a home seem cozy and welcoming. Whether you go for classic or trendy hues, a bedroom decorated in plaid creates a cozy haven with enduring appeal.


Additional tips for you:

  • Make a statement with green and black plaid walls, a modern and dramatic design that injects your decor with depth and character.
  • A gray jute carpet combines natural beauty with durability to create a pleasant and welcoming environment on your flooring.
  • Simple and chic, a freestanding wooden bed frame displays the beauty of nature while providing a sturdy base for your mattress.
  • A black wooden bedside standalone table will add a touch of style and practicality to your bedroom decor by giving a place to set down your things without taking up precious floor space.
  • Up your lighting game with a brass lampshade, which gives off a warm glow and exudes classic charm that works well with a wide range of design schemes.
  • Incorporate globes into your bedroom display for a touch of adventure and a feeling of wanderlust.
  • A white floor lamp with a golden base may serve as a decorative accent while also providing enough light for activities like reading and relaxing.
  • Add a dash of modern elegance with a hardwood modern chair with sleek metal legs, ideal for relaxing in comfort as you read or watch TV.
  • Blue linens will provide a sense of tranquility and serenity to your bed, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day.
  • Add a touch of calm to your bedroom or living room with a few blue pillows to cuddle up on.
  • A black and white blanket will provide a touch of traditional contrast to your bedroom decor while also adding timeless elegance and relaxation.
  • Installing a small closet in your bedroom will help you make the most of the available space by giving you a dedicated area in which to store your clothes and accessories in an orderly fashion.
  • Hanging a bull skull on the wall gives a room a southwestern or boho feel while also serving as a conversation piece.


  • Fabric Accent Wall with Tapestry

Fabric Accent Wall with Tapestry

Image Source: Bob Vila

Make your bedroom into a magical haven by hanging a tapestry on a Fabric Accent Wall. This plush option will make your home cozier and more interesting. The tapestry will serve as a showpiece in your bedroom, transforming it into an artistic retreat with a touch of bohemian flair thanks to its complex designs and vivid colors.


Additional tips for you:

  • Wrap your walls in mystery and natural beauty with this stunning black tapestry adorned with exquisite plant, moon, and flower motifs.
  • Adopt a homey vibe by painting your walls a dirty white; this will provide a comfortable and friendly background that will work well with a wide range of design schemes.
  • A white sliding window will let in plenty of light and provide an easy flow between your indoor and outdoor rooms.
  • The addition of a gold curtain rod to your window coverings will give your room an appearance of refined royalty.
  • Vines and houseplants may breathe new life into a space while also helping to filter the air within.
  • Indulge in ease and minimalism with white pillows, a classic and adaptable addition to any couch, bed, or chair.
  • White bed linens provide a haven of quiet and tranquility as you go off to sleep, thanks to their clean, fresh appearance.
  • Surround yourself in extravagance and warmth with a fur blanket, a luscious and tactile addition to any sofa or bed.
  • Fur cushions in hot pink and crimson will add a touch of whimsy and opulence to your furniture and accessories.
  • Use a traditional lamp to add a touch of class to any room; these lights combine beautiful form with useful function.


  • Rustic Shiplap Accent Wall

Rustic Shiplap Accent Wall

Image Source: The Spruce

Shiplap accent walls in the bedroom provide a warm and homey atmosphere. This timeless option infuses your home with warmth and personality, turning it into a cozy cottage refuge. The horizontal wood paneling provides an elegant and classic setting, perfect for unwinding and relaxing.


Additional tips for you:

  • Gray shiplap walls are a great way to add texture and style to your home’s decor while yet maintaining a modern, inviting vibe.
  • Orange blankets are a great way to provide your bed with a jolt of energy and color while also providing some much-needed warmth.
  • White bedsheets might help you relax and unwind before bedtime since they are fresh and relaxing.
  • A white headboard may be the main point of your bedroom while also working with a wide range of design schemes.
  • Pile on the sophistication and rustic charm of your bed with a mix of brown and dark gray pillows.
  • Pillows in conventional black and white provide a sense of sophistication when combined with more ornate designs that include classic motifs.
  • Using sleek timber flooring may give your home a natural feel of warmth and flexibility to accommodate various design styles.
  • An elegant and contemporary touch may be added to your home with a white shag rug framed in black.
  • Add some texture and handmade allure to your walls with a macrame wool and woven wall hang design, an essential element of the boho style.
  • A modern black lamp will not only provide functional illumination but will also add to the room’s sleek, chic vibe.
  • Wooden nightstands are both beautiful and practical, since they add rustic style to your bedroom while providing extra space for your essentials.
  • A black and white bedside table will provide a sleek and sophisticated touch to your bedroom while still fitting in with the rest of the design scheme.
  • Create a warm and welcoming environment that represents your hobbies and appreciation for nature by decorating with books and small plants.


  • Color Block Accent Wall

Color Block Accent Wall

Image Source: DigsDigs

The addition of a color-block accent wall to your bedroom will instantly update the space. This daring move makes use of color combinations that are either opposing or complementing. Your bedroom will be a fashionable and lively reflection of who you are thanks to the graphic appeal and clean lines.


Additional tips for you:

  • Put a cute brown teddy bear on your bed for a nostalgic and comforting touch that will make your bedroom seem more like a haven.
  • A lightweight blanket in a relaxing aqua hue is a great way to inject some color into your bedroom decor without overwhelming it.
  • A wooden cube bedside table is a great choice for those who want a simple, natural addition to their bedroom.
  • Add some whimsy to your home with a vase decorated with pineapples in aqua blue, a tropical and creative touch.
  • A patterned cushion in pink, green, and blue is a fun and fashionable way to show off your individuality and liven up any couch or bed.
  • A gray bedsheet may serve as a neutral background that works well with a wide range of design schemes, allowing you to create a modern and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Warmth, comfort, and a classic, exquisite look are all yours with the addition of a wool-white rug to your floor.
  • Make a bold creative statement with a geometric color block pattern in pink, white, gray, and blue-green on your walls.


  • Metallic Gold Accent Wall

Metallic Gold Accent Wall

Image Source: La Urbana

Metallic gold accent walls are the epitome of opulence and splendor, and would look amazing in any bedroom. This extravagant option is sure to wow guests with its refined ambiance. The gold color shimmers in the light and creates a royal and enticing background, turning your bedroom into a sumptuous and alluring haven.


Additional tips for you:

  • Make your bedroom seem more like a palace with a metallic gold wall covered in an extravagant design, some wood flooring, and a tufted beige leather headboard.
  • A velvety white wool carpet will bring a touch of elegance and warmth to your bedroom while providing a soft place to rest your weary feet.
  • A beige full bed frame will provide a sense of refined simplicity to your bedroom decor while yet serving as a stylish focal point.
  • Wood flooring is an excellent choice since it is both beautiful and long-lasting, and it can be used to achieve a rustic or modern look.
  • A tufted beige leather headboard will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, while also giving a sumptuous setting in which to unwind and get some shut-eye.
  • Pile on the coziness with a variety of white wool pillows and you’ll be ready to relax in a cloud of gentleness at the end of the day.
  • A green silk cushion will provide a splash of color and an air of refinement to your private haven of a bedroom.
  • Wrap yourself in the tranquility and style of a green quilt and silk blanket with a lovely flower pattern and drift off to dreamland.
  • Put together a relaxing space to read or just chill with a single, comfy sitting unit in blue or green.
  • A stainless mirror bedside table will add a touch of glamor to your bedroom while providing a practical surface for your bedtime necessities.
  • A white lamp with a translucent contemporary base will provide a warm, comforting light that is a perfect match for the mood of your bedroom.


  • Watercolor Painted Accent Wall

Watercolor Painted Accent Wall

Image Source: DigsDigs

Watercolor painting on an accent wall in the bedroom creates a relaxing and creative atmosphere. This airy option is a creative way to infuse your home with a dash of dreaminess. Your bedroom will be an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation thanks to the sophisticated color scheme you’ve chosen.


Additional tips for you:

  • Add creative flare and originality to your room’s décor with a watercolor painted accent wall, complete with a splash of purple, pink, blue, and red.
  • Toss on a blanket with a mix of plaid, floral, striped, and woven designs for a touch of variety in your comfy space.
  • Pillows in white with pink stripes can add whimsy to your bed while also providing a welcome splash of color.
  • Enjoy peaceful evenings and a tranquil environment on a plush white mattress that exudes elegance and refinement.
  • Bring together form and function with a contemporary wooden chair, which not only exudes elegance but also provides a cozy and adaptable place to sit.


  • Colorful Beach Bedroom Accent Wall

Colorful Beach Bedroom Accent Wall

Image Source: Southern Living

Add some beachy flair to your bedroom with a vibrant accent wall. This vivacious option was inspired by the beach and incorporates blues, sand tones, and sea-like colors. Your accommodation will seem like a tropical retreat with a beachy theme, perfect for unwinding after a long day.


Additional tips for you:

  • A bedside table with a stainless-steel top and sleek metal legs will add a touch of class to your bedroom while still serving a practical purpose.
  • The braided brown carpet welcomes you into your bedroom, adding warmth and texture.
  • Traditional wooden benches are both lovely and functional additions to any space.
  • Hang a beautiful flower image framed in dark wood to add a touch of natural elegance to any room.
  • Relax in the beauty and serenity of your bedroom as you drift off to sleep on crisp white pillows and linens embroidered with a charming red plant motif.
  • Cover your bed with a cool, calming blue sheet and drift off to sleep in peace.
  • Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor with a gray headboard as the main point of your bed.
  • Infuse your bedroom with things that represent your hobbies and individuality by displaying a variety of books, photographs, and plants.
  • Light up the space with a classic white lamp set on a modern gray base, perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere.
  • Decorate a white wall with an eye-catching red beach-themed pattern to feel like you’re at the shore without leaving your bedroom.


  • Whimsical Mural Accent Wall

Whimsical Mural Accent Wall

Image Source: Homebnc

Accent your space with a Whimsical Mural and make it seem like a magical forest. This fanciful option depicts picturesque vistas, fantastical landscapes, or fascinating patterns. Your bedroom will be transformed into an enchanted, dreamlike haven that will fill you with happiness and inspiration thanks to the mural.


Additional tips for you:

  • A hardwood cube structure bedside table with a sleek glass top will add a touch of modern elegance to your bedroom.
  • Put a decorative clock on your nightstand to add a touch of style and functionality to your bedroom.
  • Pink hot air balloons may be a charming addition to any environment, and they can let your imagination fly.
  • Use tree vines and branches to incorporate a touch of the outdoors into your bedroom design.
  • Make a statement with a dramatic black headboard that complements the rest of your bed’s decor.
  • Add some color and softness to your bed by scattering pillows in red, green, and white.
  • Pile on some fluffy white wool cushions to up the coziness factor.
  • Spread down on a white comforter splashed with the colors of the world’s flags to show the world that you’re an adventurer at heart.
  • The plush cotton of the rug welcomes you to your bedroom floor.
  • Wooden floors are stunning, and they can do wonders for the ambiance of your bedroom.
  • Allow gentle, ethereal light in via sheer white curtains on a sliding glass door.
  • Add some class and soft lighting to your private haven by hanging a chandelier made of mint candlesticks.


  • Puzzle Piece Accent Wall

Puzzle Piece Accent Wall

Image Source: About Murals

A puzzle-piece accent wall is a fun and creative way to personalize your bedroom. This ingenious design utilizes patterns that fit together like a jigsaw to provide a lively and eccentric setting. The puzzle-piece pattern livens up the area with aesthetic appeal, allowing you to display your own sense of style and originality.


Additional tips for you:

  • Wall décor with rounded motifs is a delicate and harmonious way to give a touch of softness and elegance to your room.
  • Create an eye-catching and thought-provoking focal point with a gray puzzle piece pattern on the wall.
  • Make use of a fabric-knitted stool, which is both aesthetically pleasing and comfy.
  • Embrace the rustic elegance of your home by installing smooth gray pinewood flooring.
  • Cozy up with a black cotton blanket, ideal for those cooler evenings.
  • Piling on some plush black fur pillows will take your comfort level to new heights and give your space a welcome dose of textural variety.
  • Throw in some patterned cushions for a touch of nostalgia and timelessness in your living room.
  • Get a geometric black and white comforter for a sophisticated update to your bedroom’s decor.
  • Display your favorite photographs or paintings in style with this sleek hardwood frame that has matte black on all four sides.
  • Bringing vitality and freshness into the room is a cactus houseplant in a white porcelain container.
  • Metal shelves are an excellent space-saving solution and a stylish addition to any contemporary home.
  • A gray standalone table may serve as a fashionable display space for your belongings or as a practical workspace depending on your needs.
  • A bright yellow polypropylene seat will liven up any room while providing cozy sitting.
  • Add a touch of class and originality to your space with a vintage black typewriter.
  • Use a sleek black desk lamp to shed light on your work or study environment in precisely the right places.


  • Vintage Newspaper Wallpaper Accent Wall

Vintage Newspaper Wallpaper Accent Wall

Image Source: AliExpress

Make a nostalgic statement in your bedroom with an accent wall covered in vintage newspaper wallpaper. This throwback option is patterned like old newspapers, giving any room an air of authenticity and history. Create a warm and one-of-a-kind space that pays respect to the past with the old newspaper design on your wall.


Additional tips for you:

  • Installing curtains in soothing green and white can bring the peace of nature into your home.
  • A bed frame in a sleek, neutral color like gray may be the focal point of any bedroom while also serving as a practical backdrop for a variety of design schemes.
  • Feel like royalty with a tufted yellow-green headboard that brings a sophisticated splash of color and texture to your bed.
  • A beige and white mattress will provide you with a peaceful and comfortable place to sleep.
  • Mixing green and white pillows on your bed is a great way to add visual interest and comfort.
  • Cotton rugs with brown and white patterns welcome your feet with comfort and texture.
  • Smooth oakwood flooring brings a feeling of natural elegance to every room it’s installed in.
  • Black and white newspaper wallpaper adds a classic look and feels right at home in any room.
  • Bring a touch of timeless elegance to your home with a vintage lampshade set on a sleek stainless steel vertical base.


  • 3D Leather Tiles Accent Bedroom Wall

3D Leather Tiles Accent Bedroom Wall

Image Source: Houzz

Add a touch of opulence to your sleeping quarters with a 3D Leather Tiles Accent Wall. This luxurious option brings both texture and class to your interior design. The bedroom becomes an oasis of luxury and sophistication thanks to the 3D leather designs that serve as a spectacular focal point.


Additional tips for you:

  • Add a touch of class to your private haven by installing a tufted brown leather backdrop.
  • White ceilings increase the room’s light and airiness, producing a feeling of openness and spaciousness.
  • Add character and warmth by covering one wall with yellow wallpaper featuring a charming old-world motif.
  • Make a statement with a solid oakwood bedframe that will last for generations.
  • A tufted white headboard will give your bed a luxurious feel while also adding a touch of class.
  • Add some visual interest to the headboard with an intriguing and unexpected chain design.
  • Embrace the look of days gone by with a freestanding oakwood nightstand that can be used in a variety of ways and has a warm, homey feel.
  • This square lamp exudes creative sophistication with its stainless mirror and antique carved base.
  • Enjoy the luxury of a vanity with a beautiful border, perfect for your daily dose of self-care.
  • Add an element of elegance and sophistication to the area with a large glass chandelier.
  • Keep things light and airy with white ceilings in the bedroom for an inviting vibe.


  • Macramé Wall Hanging Accent Wall

Macramé Wall Hanging Accent Wall

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Macramé wall hangings may transform a plain wall into a bohemian haven. This creative option incorporates texture and a sense of the outdoors into your decor. Your bedroom will be transformed into a whimsical and tranquil haven that exudes bohemian charm thanks to the addition of the complex macramé designs.


Additional tips for you:

  • Use white open shelving to display and store your stuff; its basic design and practicality will go well with any decor.
  • Woven baskets are a great way to add texture to a room and hide clutter at the same time.
  • A white porcelain vase decorated with geometric designs is a stunning example of the contrast between complexity and simplicity.
  • Infuse your walls with boho allure by hanging a beige-brown macrame wall hanging.
  • White sheets provide a clean and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a good night’s sleep.
  • Relax with a pile of soft, white pillows that provide support and create an atmosphere of calm.
  • Throw in a plaid cushion for a fun, contrasting splash of design on your bed.
  • A brown artificial plant in a clear vase may bring the outside in without the hassle of caring for a real plant.


  • Scandinavian-Inspired Accent Wall

Scandinavian-Inspired Accent Wall

Image Source: Home Designing

Accent your bedroom with a wall that takes design cues from the minimalist Scandinavian style. This basic option’s smooth curves and muted tones provide for a relaxing space. Your bedroom may be transformed into a warm haven of contemporary elegance with the help of the timeless and attractive background provided by the Scandinavian design ethos.


Additional tips for you:

  • White brick walls are popular this year, lending your home an air of urban cool and an industrial slant.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a basic blue-green wall that serves as a tranquil background for rest and reflection.
  • Take pleasure in the rustic elegance that pinewood flooring may provide to your bedroom.
  • Black bedsheets with white stripes provide a touch of traditional sophistication to any bedroom decor.
  • Throw in some contrast and a modern touch to your bedroom with some black and white pillows to amp up your bedding set.
  • Hang some black-and-white photographs that make a statement to give your walls some edge and personality.
  • Black pendant lights are a sleek and understated way to light up your area.
  • Rounded log bedside tables will give your bedroom a more natural and rustic look while also serving a practical purpose.
  • Provide a stylish chair made of wood that may be used in a variety of settings.
  • Add a touch of your individuality and your hobbies and likes to the room by decorating with books, artwork, and a little plant.


  • Map Wallpaper Accent Wall

Map Wallpaper Accent Wall

Image Source: DecorPad

Use an accent wall of map wallpaper to inspire dreams of travel. This daring pick has detailed cartography, giving any room a sense of travel and adventure. The beautiful and energizing effect of the map design on your bedroom will be a reflection of your passion for exploration and travel.


Additional tips for you:

  • White ceilings and walls reflect light and provide a blank canvas against which you may showcase your own style.
  • Inspire your travel and create a center point in your room with a beautiful blue map of the globe.
  • White pinewood smooth flooring are naturally beautiful and provide a touch of class to any room.
  • Relax in peace on a white bedframe, the perfect starting point for an understated and calming bedroom scheme.
  • Add some nautical allure to your bed by accenting it with pillows in navy blue and white.
  • Relax and rejuvenate on a white mattress while you drift off to dreamland.
  • A white lamp with a glossy navy blue base will add a touch of contemporary style to your room.
  • A standalone table in matte white adds a touch of class to your bedroom while still serving as a functional nightstand.
  • Add some warmth and character to your living quarters by decorating with books and a pet duck.
  • Put a large, circular, basic light fixture in the ceiling to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Thick, white curtains give a stylish and warm addition to your windows while still providing seclusion.


  • Polished Concrete Accent Wall

Polished Concrete Accent Wall

Image Source: Homedit

Polished concrete accent walls in the bedroom are the epitome of urban cool. This trendy option has a chic, city feel, and it will provide a new dimension of texture and style to your decor. Your bedroom will be transformed into an ultra-chic, on-trend haven with the polished concrete floor serving as the perfect background.


Additional tips for you:

  • Infuse your bedroom with a calming splash of color and an extra dose of warmth with some mint green pillows.
  • Thin, gray blankets provide a lightweight, cozy option for fall and winter evenings.
  • A white comforter is the epitome of tranquility and relaxation, creating an ideal environment for a good night’s sleep.
  • A wall of gray polished concrete provides a chic and contemporary setting for your bedroom, while also adding a touch of modern refinement.
  • Add some chic and practical bedroom illumination with this chrome pink slender and sleek lamp.
  • A modern mint green stool bedside table is a stylish addition to any bedroom, serving as a place to set down books, lamps, or even a laptop.
  • The mahogany-colored leather headboard offers a touch of traditional elegance and relaxation.
  • Miniature white flowers in tiny clear vases will add a touch of natural beauty to your decor.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs


What color would you recommend for an accent wall in a bedroom?

Think about the other colors in your space and choose one that either goes with or stands in stark contrast. While it’s safe to go with a neutral hue like beige or gray, adding a splash of color may really make a statement.

Which materials work well as decorative features on bedroom walls?

Wallpaper, wood paneling, brick, stone, fabric, and tapestry are popular options for bedroom accent walls.


Can I have multiple accent walls in my bedroom?

Many accent walls are conceivable; nevertheless, a space with many accent walls tends to seem disorganized and disjointed.


Can I create a temporary accent wall without paint or wallpaper?

It is possible to make a temporary accent wall without any permanent modifications using removable decals, temporary wallpaper, or large-scale artwork.


Is it a good idea to install an accent wall in a small bedroom?

In order to make a statement and add visual interest without making the room seem cramped, accent walls are a great option for tiny bedrooms.


Final Words

Adding an accent wall to your bedroom is a great way to give it a new look and feel. You may transform your boring bedroom into something special by decorating only one wall with bold colors, patterns, or textures. The options are limitless, whether you want a modern geometric pattern, a classic brick wall, or anything in between. Accent walls are a great way to show off your own style while also drawing attention to a certain area of the room. 

So, dive in and consider these accent wall ideas to create a distinctive and engaging bedroom sanctuary that reflects your particular style and preferences.


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Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom
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