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A floor lamp is a lighting fixture that sits on the floor rather than on a table or desk. Floor lamps are often used in living spaces or bedrooms, as they can illuminate larger areas than table lamps. They’re also great for task lighting, as they provide focused light on specific areas such as desks and work surfaces. If you want to add extra illumination to your home but don’t have enough room for a ceiling light, then consider investing in one of these stylish wood floor lamps. There are many different designs for wooden floor lamps available today, so you have plenty of options when choosing one for your home.

What is a Wood Floor Lamp

A wood floor lamp is a type of light fixture that is placed on the floor. These lamps are typically taller than table lamps and shorter than standing lamps, and they’re used to provide ambient lighting in a room.

Wood Floor Lamp Ideas

There are a plethora of wood floor lamp ideas you can make use of when it comes to lighting your house using a wooden floor lamp. These wooden floor lamps give your home, office and other places where they are used an elegant and classic look. This make them desirable and in high demand some of the best Wooden floor lamp ideas you can do yourself include:

  • Transitional Floor Lamp
  • Stilt Wooden Floor Lamp
  • Arc floor lamp
  • Woobia-Wooden-Floor-Lamp-design-Ideas
  • Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base
  • Rustic Living Wooden Boat 65.5″ Floor Lamp
  • Myron Twist Floor Lamp
  • Sculptural Danish Floor Lamp
  • Pair of carved wood barley twist floor lamps
  • Twisted Wood Floor Lamp

Transitional Floor Lamp

When you want to add some natural elements to your home, this floor lamp is the perfect choice. It features a wooden base and shade that give it an elegant look. You can find one in many styles and colours, but we recommend going with a modern-style lamp for your living room or bedroom. This transitional style floor lamp will complement any decorating style because it’s such a neutral color palette so if you decide to redecorate later, this lamp will be easy to incorporate into the new theme.

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Stilt Wooden Floor Lamp

This wooden floor lamp with stilts, can be called a traditional floor lamp, this design of floor lamp can look simple or ornate depending on your style. The wooden stilts are adjustable so that you can raise and lower the height of the shade. This wooden floor lamp is made of wood and has a great finish.

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Arc Floor Lamp

The Arc Floor Lamp is made from solid wood, hand carved and finished with natural oils. It’s available in a variety of finishes, including natural and black walnut, cherry or maple. The lamp includes a dimmer switch and measures 28″H x 14″W x 14″D. This lamp has a metal base design.

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This is a wooden floor lamp that has a wooden base and with it, you can do different things. It makes it easy for you to move around your room or place wherever you want to put it. You can also adjust the light cover of this lamp by using the knob found on the top of the lamp light cover and this will give you different lighting options depending on where you need them most at that time. This will be great if you’re looking for something simple yet stylish enough that can help beautify your home decor while being functional as well. This lamp design comes with a roller on the base.

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Contemporary floor lamp with wooden base

A modern design with a wooden base, this floor lamp will add both style and function to your home. The touch dimmer switch makes it easy to adjust the brightness of your lighting, and the cord wrap makes it convenient to store when not in use.This lamp comes with a wooden base as implied by its name.

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Rustic Living Wooden Boat 65.5″ Floor Lamp

Rustic living wooden boat 65.5″ floor lamp is inspired by the classic wooden boat of old. This handcrafted floor lamp comes in three colors, white, gray and brown (available in a different size), and can be used as either a floor or table lamp. It is made from solid wood and comes with a dimmer switch so you have light control over your lighting needs.

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Myron Twist Floor Lamp

This unique lamp is handmade from solid European walnut and oak. The wooden floor lamp is available in two finishes: walnut or oak. The Myron Twist Floor Lamp features an adjustable joint for precise lighting direction, a custom fiber optic cable that shines like a starry sky, and an optional cord dimmer switch to control brightness.

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Sculptural Danish Floor Lamp

The sculptural Danish floor lamp is also a great choice for home or office. It features a classic design of ancient angular look that will look great in any room, whether you want to place it next to your favorite chair or behind a desk. The lamp is made of wood standing, which are high-quality materials that have been put together by hand. The base of the lamp has an open design to allow air flow through it and keep your room cool during those hot summer days while still providing all the light you need at night. This beautiful piece can be assembled within minutes using only three screws that come with it, making this design easy even for beginners. You’ll love how easily cleanable every surface on this lamp is too.

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Pair of carved wood barley twist floor lamps

The pair of carved barley twist lamps have a very classic look to them. They are made from oak and have been stained in black, to give them an aged appearance. Each lamp has a large glass shade that is removable from the top of the light covering, and can be changed if you want different lighting effects in your room.

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Twisted Wood Floor Lamp

This lamp comes with a wooden base and a long twisted body that connects the base to the lighting fixing. This lamp is elegant in look and has a classic look that adds beauty and class to wherever you place it in your house. With this twist wood lamp type of lamp, you can achieve a rustic look in your home.

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How much is a wood twist floor lamp?

The cost of a wood twist floor lamp is dependent on the size and how simple the lamp is, the simpler models of floor lamps go for $50 to $200 while the higher end models go for up to $500 to $100.

How to determine the right height for a wood twist floor lamp?

The right height of a wood twist floor lamp is dependent on the space where you wish to make use of your twist floor lamp.


Wood floor lamps are one of the best ways to bring a warm and natural look into your home. They are perfect for any room, but especially great in living rooms where you can use them to create a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting or as an accent piece on your desk or dresser.

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