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A weed cake is a delicious cannabis cake whose recipes include cannabis. Also called Space cake, this cake has become trendy among weed consumers because of its sweet taste. Weed cakes are spicy, tantalizing, and consumed when users want to get high.

Moreover, while there are many weed cake recipes, they all have similar ingredients. A weed cake is usually made with cannabutter and other cannabis-infused materials like coconut oil.

Here, we will break down some weed cake ideas, and ingredients and answer some questions asked by cannabis cake lovers.

Purple kush cake

The above weed cake idea comes with an appealing presentation and a great look. The flavors are excellent and the cannabis oil gives it a thick layer. You will notice that the purple color calls for an eye-opening, especially with the frosting features. If you are having an adult party with a lusher, it’s an ideal choice.

Source :Pinterest

Pineapple Upside Down Canna Cake

There are very few cakes that look and taste better than this pineapple upside-down canna cake. It looks a bit tardy and comes perfectly with an airy and buttery cake. To make this weed cake look better, add canna milk, cannabutter, and some flour.

Source :Pinterest

Space cake

Sometimes, you need something different from what people are used to, that’s where space cakes come from. These are weed cupcakes that make a great presentation. This is a nice weed cake that is cannabis-infused and comes with some vanilla frosting. Space cake curbs appeal especially when decorated with some fluffy spices.

Source : Pinterest

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

You can have a small and quiet party with a coffee-infused cake. This is a nice cake sprinkled with nuts and some chocolate chips. You will find these excellent cakes with some cannabis and protein. The recipes of this cake make it one of the best weed cakes you can prepare.

Source :Pinterest

Flourless Cannabis chocolate cake

The Flourless Cannabis cake is one of the best weed cakes you can get. If you are suffering from Celiac ailments, this is a desert that is healthy for you. This cake doesn’t require any flour which makes it gluten-free. Although it doesn’t have features like the traditional cake, it’s a portion of rich and highly delicious food.

Source :Pinterest

Poppy Pot cake

When you infuse poppy seeds into a cake and blend them with cannabis, you have an excellent cake. This poppy pot cake does have a special taste and natural cannabis flavor which will leave you with a nice aroma.

Source : Pinterest

Red Velvet Cake

This is a rich, tasty and over-the-top red velvet cake that is covered with cheese butter frosting. If you are a beginner, you might have to master eating this cake to have a better feel. Getting recipes for this mouth-watering dessert is easy and it will make an appealing look.

Source : Pinterest


Why bake a weed cake when I could smoke cannabis?

You should bake a weed cake because it has a stronger effect and health benefits than just smoking the joint. Also, some harm emanates from inhaling smoke which you can avoid by eating a weed cake. The hot smoke from smoking the weed can cause inflammation in your lungs.

How long does a weed cake last in the body?

The duration weed cakes last in your body depends on several factors such as body metabolism, amount consumed, and gut flora. While it is different for winey, many studies have shown that weed cake lasts around two or three hours after being eaten.

What is the right dosage to eat weed cake?

There isn’t a recommended dosage for anyone who wants to eat weed cakes. This is because everyone has a different consumption level and people need to study by themselves. When using cannabis oil, check for the concentration level before adding. If it’s the bud you are using, check the type of strain and cannabinoid concentration.

How can you get rid of weed cake effects?

For those who have consumed too many weed cakes, and are high, understand that it’s a temporary feeling. If you have something serious to do and need to come back from ecstasy, take some breaths.

Also, drink Lots of water and relax for some time. Try as much as possible to sleep and be assured that by the time you wake up, the effects would have gone.

Can you get high eating a weed cake?

Yes, you can get high when you consume a weed cake. These edibles have a stronger effect and last longer than when you smoke them. In some cases, the erects last around 7 hours or more.


Weed cakes remain a good alternative to smoking cannabis. Weed cakes are known to offer all the benefits of cannabinoids and have a few drawbacks. Before eating these cakes, have water close by and start in small portions.

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