Starry Night Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement Ceiling Ideas

A basement used to be storage normally. As time goes by, people upgrade the function of the basement as an extended living space. Hence, every single detail in the basement should be …

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Colorful Kitchen Concrete Backsplashes

Concrete Backsplashes

Exposing the concrete material could be the best option to make a statement to your house. It offers you a pretty look with a simple touch. Also, it is affordable enough to …

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Double Cushion Peacock Chair

Peacock Chair

The peacock chair in the house could work as the functional stuff. On the other part, it will beautify the space in your house prettily. The arms, backrest, and headrest could boost …

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Modern Stairway Lighting

Stairway Lighting

The stairway lighting is not being installed only to illuminate the stairway and keeps your family safe and protects them from a stumble. Other than that, it works to increase the aesthetical …

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Farmhouse Double Desk

Farmhouse Desk

Working or reading on a proper desk will boost comfort, which will increase your productivity. The farmhouse desk must be on your list to beautify the space in your house. It would …

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Framed Wall Butterfly Decorations

Butterfly Decorations

The butterflies are associated with a romantic, lovely, and natural feel. If you want to bring that atmosphere to your space, find the best butterfly decorations to transform your space as well. …

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Colorful Owl Decor On the Moon

Owl Decor

Owls symbolize beauty and wisdom even though some cultures believe that owls are heralds of death. Applying the owl decor to infuse the spooky, beautiful, and wisdom look in your space. It …

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Minimalist Sunglasses Holder

Sunglasses Holder

Avoid the scattered sunglasses that will make it accidentally stepped, which will hurt your feet and broke the sunglasses themselves. Hence, you will need the sunglasses holder. The sunglasses holder will store …

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DIY Waterproof Shower Wall Panels

DIY Shower Wall Panels

Bathrooms can be such a personal space; why should yours look like someone else’s? When choosing the best material to apply to the shower, ensure you use a good quality of stuff …

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Bohemian Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Wood Accent Wall Ideas

One of the simple ways to make a statement in your space is by adding a touch of a different accent that would be an interesting point in the house. Using wood …

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