11 Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget that Can Steal the Show Anytime

Do you need low-cost options for a small pool in your backyard? If you need us, we’ll be here. Perhaps the thought of putting up a swimming pool in such a cramped space makes you cringe. What are some creative solutions for fitting a pool into a small, irregularly shaped backyard? Yes, you can; you just need to think beyond the box. 

If you’re searching for backyard pool ideas on a budget, this article has all you need.

In-Ground Home Pool












Image Source: Pinoy Eplans 

This sort of pool, which may also be found below ground, is the most typical and is often used by households with many swimmers. 

An underground swimming pool is a luxurious amenity that may enhance the value of any property. The cost to build and maintain an underground pool is higher than that of other options.

Things you can consider doing: 

  • A rectangular pool may be an eye-catching addition to any yard. Like they say, we need to bring out the old ways. 
  • To improve the aesthetics of the region, you may build walls in a few strategic locations and decorate with plants, or you can leave it as is. 
  • Green pool lighting is a refreshing alternative that may add a dash of visual interest to your pool.
  • Circular Layout Pool 

Circular Layout Pool 

Image Source: Houzz

Secondly, a circular pool is another option for a tiny backyard pool that won’t break the bank. Instead of placing a blue square in the midst of your backyard, which might seem out of place if your home has a more natural, rustic aesthetic, you may go for a more subtle, circular plunge pool.

Few tips to follow: 

  • Add some greenery to the area for a more refreshing look. The addition of flower containers or a flower garden nearby can also help you keep your color scheme lighthearted. 
  • Do not be afraid to have two circular pools; doing so will generate a depth and illustrate convenience, as one of the pools may be a smaller kiddie pool. 
  • Paving blocks are a great option for tiles because of the aesthetic value and adaptability they provide to the space. And they need little care and upkeep.
  • To make it even more comfortable for your friends and loved ones, you may put in two lounge chairs. Always go for a soothing color palette. It’s enough to stick inside your designated color scheme.
  • Deck and Waters’ Play 

Deck and Waters' Play 

Image Source: Concrete Network

Do you want to know the secrets to maximize the aesthetic value of your deck? If you answered yes, then a small pool on your terrace would be perfect for you. Installing this pool is a breeze and doesn’t need much muscle.

Some tips to follow:

  • Don’t forget the chaise lounges, potted plants, and fenced-in area! As a result, the atmosphere in the space will be instantly revitalized. 
  • You may use ceramic tiles or paving stones for the pool’s flooring, so long as they are safe for swimmers and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Having a rectangular pool is ideal for making your yard appear more expansive as it will fill up the empty places.
  • Miniature Square Swimming Pool

Miniature Square Swimming Pool

Image Source: In The Swim Pool Blog

The next option on the list of inexpensive backyard pool designs is a square pool. Getting a square pool can save you money and take up less room than a rectangular one. 

As opposed to a rectangle pool, a square pool may be built for less money and yet look great in your backyard. Because of its compact design, it can be put almost anywhere within your house, and its generous size makes it ideal for swimming fun for the whole family.

To achieve this, you need to: 

  • Present the present by understanding the emotional impact of somber tones like black, white, and grey. Given this, terracotta tiles would be a great addition to this color scheme. Add depth and visual appeal by combining them. 
  • It is possible to build as many tiers within the pool as desired to get a modern and eye-catching design. 
  • Invariably, chaise lounges need to be included. It should be okay with only two of them. Be sure they are in close proximity to one another. Add a plant in the space between them to make the area more visually appealing. 
  • It’s important to pay attention to the little details, such as the grass, flower gardens, and fences. Take care that they don’t clash with the rest of the room’s color scheme.


  • In-Wall Swimming Pool

In-Wall Swimming Pool

Image Source: Tricity Property Searches

A tiny pool installed along the wall of your yard is a great option if you’re short on outdoor real estate. 

The main downfall is that there are only three sides of access owing to the wall. This method of managing a tiny pool area is both practical and inexpensive.

Achieve this design by: 

  • Decorate the walls with water features and a solitary plant. This will elevate the feel of beauty and opulence. 
  • Since wall paint can be easily removed, you may choose to keep the walls unpainted and instead use moonlight-shaped lights to set the mood and convey an air of glitz instead. 
  • Terracotta tiles are appropriate and a rectangular pool is preferable for a more spacious feel.
  • Pool with No Rules

Pool with No Rules

Image Source: Pinterest

As the name implies, free-form pools don’t have to stick to any certain dimensions or shapes. It is often used in situations when a strict geometric arrangement of the available space is unnecessary. 

The ideal form for our pool is often difficult to create. Because it’s such a large section of our home, all you have to do is think about the location. This will enhance the aesthetic value of a home’s design and landscaping.

Have this design in your backyard through: 

  • The above-pictured pool is the outcome of combining a rectangular and spherical pool, both of which are allowed under the design’s flexibility. 
  • One reclining chair is all you need if you’re the solitary sort who seldom needs company while relaxing. Use a contrasting hue like dark brown or grey to make it pop. 
  • Include little stairs, a raised water feature, a variety of plant sizes, and paving block tiles to increase the aesthetic appeal of the area.
  • All-In-One Backyard Pool Completeness

All-In-One Backyard Pool Completeness

Image Source: Spa World 

If you are the kind of person who values personal space when spending time in the great outdoors, you may want to give some thought to making the space more practical. The pool, spa, and al fresco eating space in an ordinary backyard make for a really classy package.

Get this design by: 

  • Get everything done that you need to before you can unwind. The pool is the perfect place to kick back with a glass of champagne and relax. The size of the pool is not critical. Even a little one will suffice if it improves the ambiance with the lights on. 
  • Include several wooden sofas in addition to the tables and chairs. Despite its seeming antithesis to the contemporary pool, this is a fun opportunity to experiment with design, the unexpected results of which may be unexpectedly attractive. 
  • Fill up the empty spaces with plants to make the room more pleasant. 
  • Metal fencing, as opposed to timber, may provide more privacy.
  • Ultra-Contemporary Pool Made of Concrete

Ultra-Contemporary Pool Made of Concrete

Image Source: Q-Furniture 

The moment you leave the comfort of your home and enter your backyard, you are immersed in a relaxing spa atmosphere. This is because the pool’s industrial profile and cement surface stand in sharp contrast to the natural elements of the surrounding space, such as the river rock pathways and wooden patio furniture. The end effect is a serene setting ideal for some outdoor recreation.

Suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Experiment with the forms, but stick to using just one or a small set of similar shapes so that there is continuity. Pick a rectangle and a square, then carve them up into various sections where you know people will be pleased. 
  • For the pool section, prioritize the water while adding some land and vegetation on one side. 
  • Rather than walking barefoot across bricks and tiles, the plants will thank you for the greenery because they match the plants near the pool. 
  • Two-Level Swimming Pool

Two-Level Swimming Pool

Image Source: Pinterest 

When planning and decorating a tiny room, one of the finest strategies is to maximize vertical space. Also, a pool may serve the same purpose. Instead of trying to fit a huge rectangular pool into your yard, why not build two smaller pools on top of each other? The patterned tiling transforms the space into a luxurious swimming pool.

Have this layout by:

  • Consider the pool itself rather than the ancillary decorations. Include several raised smaller pools in addition to the main rectangular pool for added symmetry and depth. If you want to use a pool with this layout, a rounded one is not recommended since it will merely seem tiny and uniform. 
  • A set of stairs leading up to the raised pool would be a nice touch that conveys thought for the ease of poolgoers as well as the aesthetic value of the space. 
  • White vinyl fences with a classic look and feel are the best choice for longevity. 
  • Depending on the size of the room, you can get away with only one lounge chair, but if the space is large or medium in size, you can get away with two.
  • Fill It With Air Swimming Pools 

Fill It With Air Swimming Pools 

Image Source: Totally The Bomb 

If you want to avoid spending a ton of money on air conditioning this summer, an inflatable pool is a fantastic choice. To begin swimming in one, all you need is a few minutes and a few dollars. In addition, they don’t take up nearly as much space as in-ground pools.

Get this look by: 

  • Inflatable pool forms shouldn’t be rigidly adhered to. Shapes like ovals, rounds, squares, and rectangles are all options. The convenience and low cost of this device are its most salient features. 
  • For added aesthetic value and excitement, consider installing a set of steel steps that children may use to get to the diving board. 
  • Incorporate a small couch and table for a comfortable resting spot. These are also wonderful additions.   
  • It’s important that colors be neither too faint nor too dominant. We recommend white.
  • Round Stock Tank Swimming Pool

Round Stock Tank Swimming Pool

Image Source: The Spruce

There are a few different ways to go about installing a pool in your backyard without breaking the bank. A stock tank pool is a potential choice. Metal or plastic tanks that are often used to store water on farms are recycled into these pools. As a result of its low cost and simple installation process, stock tank pools are gaining in popularity.

Steal this magnificent design through: 

  • This pool is the do-it-yourself kind. If you want a white or grey pool, all you have to do is purchase a circular tank and paint it. Choose a safe hue if you’re just starting out, but if you want to make a statement, go with what you really want. 
  • Fill up the spaces between the paved stones with pebbles. This one-of-a-kind style is sure to wow all of your visitors. 
  • Put in some plants and flowers. Nonetheless, consistency may be maintained by purchasing stock tank pot. 
  • For a more classic look that would go well with the textured tiny warehouse, a wooden fence or vinyl fence would be the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

How can I get the most value from my pool installation? 

When compared with other types of inground pools, vinyl liner pools have the lowest overall cost. To locate a pool contractor that can construct a concrete or fiberglass pool for the same price as a vinyl liner pool is an unusual feat.

In terms of cost, what is the most practical pool design? 

If you’re trying to save money, kidney shapes can be a good option. The curved layout maximizes the usable swimming space but increases the pool’s overall construction cost due to its shorter overall circumference.

How long does an inground pool typically last? 

As long as you change your liner every 6-12 years, your vinyl-lined pool will endure longer than 20 years. Inground concrete pools last for decades, but their surfaces need to be resurfaced around once per decade. Most fiberglass pools will last well over 30 years, making them the most durable option among in-ground pools.

Is it wise to put money into constructing a pool? 

Your home’s value and your social standing may both rise with the addition of a pool. You should expect a little boost in salary, nevertheless. The experts at HouseLogic claim there is little chance of a profit. The value of your property may rise by as little as 7 percent if you install a pool.

Final Words

The bottom line is that, depending on your financial situation, you may choose from a wide variety of backyard pool designs that would all be wonderful additions to your property. Above-ground pools, whether small or big, are excellent options for cooling down in on a hot summer day. 

Consider an above ground pool built on a metal frame or a stock tank if you’re on a tight budget. But if you think you are in for more ideas, you can also visit these articles: 

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo


Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget
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